Sunday, August 05, 2007

Incorporating romance in your life

My son is away to camp and dd is staying the weekend with friends. Time for a little romance with hubby. I write romance, but have noticed there isn't much romance in my life. I need to not only fuel the muse, but fuel the romance, as well. So I decided to make a romantic dinner for two. The last time I did this, the kids were small. Back then, I surprised him after work(he works swingshift so the wee ones were in bed)with a bubble bath, wine and bread sticks dipped in welsh rarebit. It was fun. Then I guess I got busy because we really haven't done anything since.

Until last night.

He had to work six hours so I planned it for after work, which worked out better because it was dark and cool out on the terrace(it's really a patio, but this is supposed to be romantic.)

I strung Christmas lights up around the picnic table umbrella, covered the table with lace and added fresh flowers and candles. On the menu:

Thick cut pork chops baked with apples and onions
Three cheese risotto
Fresh corn
A small scoop of icecream with a shot of expresso poured over it

When he finally got home, he changed out of his workboots and into slippers. When I led him out onto the patio/terrace, he actually teared up. Said he felt like Jimmy Stewart when he comes home after the run on the savings and loan and his new wife had fixed up the old manse to resemble their honeymoon destinations.

How could you not love a guy like that?

It was a perfect night. And yes, we did talk about the kids. LOL

Unfortunately, I'm still on pain meds for my leg and after two glasses of wine, he had to put me into bed... and not in the romantic way, in the my wife is going to passout, she's so tired way:) He even went and found me a nightgown and put medicine on my poor leg. Now that ladies and gentlemen, is romance.


Amanda Ashby said...

Awh - that's so nice. I'm so unromantic (and unfunny) that my husband finds it quite amusing that I write romantic comedy (I just tell him I have a Very good imagination!!!). Hope the leg starts to feel better soon.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Aw, that's so sweet. You have a keeper there.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Your fall sounded nasty.