Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Revisions and Deadlines, or Mama Needs a Brand New Hook!

I finished most of my articles for the month. Have two more which have to get done ASAP and I have three due in the first week of April. Go Teri!

I am in the midst of revisions. Dash is coming along nicely. Am on the fourth chapter of my read through/revising and my wonderful CP's are having a field day with the rest. Have been telling the writing gods that they can make up for my lack of GH nom with a request, but haven't heard yet.

Had a wonderful phone meeting with my agent about the revision letter from the woman I hope and pray will be my editor someday. We took what was concrete from the letter and made a list of possible changes. Number one is from first person to third. Dream editor didn't think first was right for this story and really wanted to see it in third. So yeah. Actually, I went through it and made the change yesterday and also made notes for the next change-- deeper characterization. This one will be interesting, as will the other added scene. At the beginning of the book. So, basically, a brand new hook. I have some ideas but nothing really strong enough. MY CP gave me an idea that might work... I just need to find a way to add oomph. Beginnings must have oomph. Anyway. That's what I'm up to for the next week or so. What about you all?

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Golden Hearts Drove me to Drink

Like most of the romance world, I was glued to my phone yesterday in hopes of a Golden Heart final. When the day began I thought my chances were pretty good. After all, my heroine is deaf. Surely that should give her some sympathy votes, right? Not so much, because by the end of the day I realized that the manuscript and everything else I have ever penned (or typed as it were) sucked. No wonder I have an amazing agent and haven't sold.

So at 3:30 (on the west coast) a writer friend of mine (who didn't final and therefore must suck, too,) and I met at one of our local pubs to have a drink and commiserate. Chambord Kamikazis are perfect for that, by the way. But a funny thing happened on our way to Whinesville. After one good "Grrrrr!" (growled by both of us to the shock and consternation of the rest of the cliental)we ended up talking about our current WIPS: where we were at, how the plotting was going,and what plot twists we put where. Then we discussed agents and editors: who she had queries out to, what editor wanted to see revisions of my work,which agent so and so had and did they like them.

And we realized neither of us are going anywhere anytime soon. We are stuck with publishing, and as frustrating and subjective as it is, we both love it. And if neither of us are contracted by next year (as, of course, we both will be, as brilliant as we both are, especially after a couple of Kamikazis)we will be entering the Golden Heart.

Huge and major congrats to all those who garnered a nomination. Elizabeth, Trish, Kristin... You all ROCK!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Speechless

Um wow.

My life is certainly interesting lately. The wee foster kids. My career. My own children going through all their teenaged angst. My husband who is more forty than foolish, but still manages to be foolish.

Why can't everyone just keep keeping on? The stress of taking care of the wee foster girls, the worry about the teens(though both are great kids, there are still worries!)the worry about my health, the finances, etc, shall all pass. Everything seems bigger because of the added pressure of the babies... why can't everyone just do what they are supposed to and survive. NO. People can't do that. They must always blow everything out of proportion.

Why did God create the family so that the children would be going through their hormonal changes just as the parents were going through theirs? Why does adolescence and middle age have to coincide? Was it so everyone would be ready for them to fly out of the nest?

Don't these people know I have deadlines?????

Monday, March 19, 2007

Food Obsessions AKA More Mac N Cheese Please

As many of you know, I am a smoker masquerading as a nonsmoker. I've been this way since I was 15. I've tried to quit many times in my life but it wasn't until time before last that it actually stuck (for eight years) Then I started again for about six months and quit again.

So basically, I know more than the average idiot about quitting. It all comes down to the hole on the face that needs to be filled with something. Honestly, I think Freud was closer to the mark on this one than either Dr. Phil or Oprah, who tell me it's emotional issues because, quite frankly, I am probably the most emotionally stable person I know. Yes, my best friend's dad stuck his hands down my shirt when I was twelve and that scared the crap out of me, but even then, I figured it was because he was an ass, not that I had done anything wrong. When my dh gets all critical and perfectionistic, I know it's because he is an anal(more Freud)little man with OCD, and not because I'm incompetant.

So Freud, with his oral/anal theories comes closest to the hole on the face, though I don't know if it had anything to do with potty training or not.

But anyway... I am left with this hole to feed. (And no, faith in GOD does NOT fill it, because I have that and this is a damn different hole, so BACK OFF that. Ahem.)

So when not smoking, I fill it with food. Carrot sticks won't fill it either. It's a very particular hole and it wants what it wants. One time when I quit smoking, the hole wanted latkas. Don't know why, but I learned how to cook a mean latke. Honest, a latka so good I could cook them at the Pioneer Courthouse Square Hanukah Celebration and a rabbi wouldn't know the difference between mine and a kosher chef's. Another time, it was homemade hot fudge over vanilla ice cream. It was to die for. (And considering I gained forty pounds in three months that time, it almost killed me!) Once I quit and ate so much home made fettucini alfredo that it almost changed my nationality.

So what is it this time? A weird cross between Cherry Garcia ice cream and the perfect mac n cheese recipe.

And yeah, my weight yo yo's with my smoking status. Sigh. That will be the next thing I tackle. But first, I have to find another recipe. For mac and cheese.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My New CAR!!!!

New to me anyway:)

A 2003 Suziki Areo. I lurve it. Megs and I are sharing this car so I had to get an automatic, but I guess I'll get used to it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's look back

Am looking back at the week. Meh. Haven't finished as much as I wanted but somehow I become less productive with a cold. I think my brains leak out my sinuses along with everything else.

I still have expert sources to get and two articles to write. Not done with DASH but am moving right along. Only followed up on one query and had a very nice email exchange with the debuty editor of a major national magazine. Would LOVE to work with her.

So not too bad. I do get six hours alone today as the kids go to daycare today. Yes, they are still sick, but since we originally got the sickness from them, I figured I would share the love. (See last post... my best friend and I share just about everything) So technically, if I resist the bed, I could get those two articles done.

In other news, we are in the market for a car! Wanted a small SUV. Can't afford the fuel. Am looking at areo wagons... way cuter than the sedan, though my teenage daughter, who I'm sharing the car with, doesn't think so. So I may be doing that today instead of writing. Depends on what the dh finds.

Buying a car with him is like... Well, there's really nothing like it. Let's just say that we have been working on this for three months. He is insanely cautious.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm thik

As in sick. One of the many things my best friend and I have shared over the years are viruses. Thank you, Ann, for your continuing, loving giving nature. Of course, I've shared many lovely viruses with you over the years, so we are probably even.

So much for my to do list. Gah.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fini and Monday's To Do

Before I bring you Monday's regularly scheduled to do list, I have to share with you a little message of joy... I finished the rough draft of DASH! Oh yeah! Who rocks? Now granted, I would actually rock more had I achieved wordcount on the silly thing, but who's counting, really? (Please don't say the people at HQ and ruin my fantasy, really.) Some people go over, I go under. But I have a gazillion things to add, so it's all good. Right now, I'm going over it and making notes and adding a scene here and there if I feel up to writing it. Mostly notes though. Then I will go back and add. But the important thing is that it's done!!! The fun part has begun!

Also, an editor would like to see some major changes in LIPS pre-acquisition so that is going to have to be a priority, as well.


Now without further ado, Monday's weekly to do!

Get anecdotal sources for screaming babies/toddlers
Get anecdotal sources for infant hernias
Get expert sources for teen summers
Get expert sources for labor piece
Get anecdotal source for teen summer
write up questions for teen summers
write up questions for labor peice
write screaming babies/toddler
write infant hernias
Finish DASH read through/note making
Go over first three chapters of LIPS and make notes for revisions
Send reprint to parenting pub
follow up on all queries

Friday, March 09, 2007

Position FILLED

My apologies to all those other top notch multi published writers lining up to be my mentor,(cough) but the postition has been filled.

By one of the best of us all. A woman with such a stellar career and so much talent that if I told you who it was it would boggle your mind the F*&% out. Honest, someone HUGE.

Someone who read my blog. Actually has a feed thingy to my blog and saw the post about mentoring, thought it was funny and read several months worth of blogs and then made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Which leaves my already befuddled little mind reeling. And this has nothing to do with peri menopause.

And no, I'm not going to name her. But it's someone I admire enough that the email made me do all kinds of loud fangirl gushy stuff (I won't tell you everything because I don't want to embarass myself) before I wrote her back. AND I admired her enough to use spell check on the first email. Not now though. Cause we're just tight like that. Snicker.

But seriously, I'm very blessed. Kind of like I'm learning the force from Yoda.

One clue. She's NOT Jesus Christ.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wanted: One Mentor

One slightly used writer with only a few run of the mill issues (stalking not included) seeking a multi published, experienced writer to be her mentor. Must understand the ins and outs and complexities of the publishing business and occasional bouts of insecurity. Must be female. Must love romance. If you love pina coladas.... Oh wait. That's a really bad song from the seventies. (And it wouldn't hurt if you knew a few lyrics from the song, either)

This isn't for a critiquing situation, though an occasional read through would be helpful. This would be an open ended relationship consisting of several emails a week, a few stupid questions about the business, and encouragement. (A free arc tossed my way wouldn't be unappreciated, though not strictly necessary.)

I am multi-published in nonfiction, as well as having a host of magazine and website articles to my name. (Including Writer's Digest, Hoorah!) I am already agented and house trained.

In return, I promise to fawn accordingly, buy your books, and pay it forward to an even newer writer. Who will no doubt get an agent and publish before me, anyway.

Must have sense of humor. No intellectual snobs need apply.

Any interested parties can contact me at

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jackass III The Toddler


Jackass I made you scratch your head and worry about the future of mankind.
Jackass II made you want to vomit and move to the mountains

But Jackass III The Toddler will have you recoiling in HORROR!!!!!

Watch in Amazement as Baby Karen does a nosedive off the couch onto her head ... three times in one day!

Watch in Terror as Baby Karen turns a domesticated kitty in a raging beast by pulling it's tail... over and over and over.

Watch in Awe as Baby Karen Attempts to shove a stolen, contraband pen up her sister's nose.

Watch in Fear as Baby Karen picks up a toy baby stroller over her head and hits her sleeping foster daddy with it.

Watch in Shock as Baby Karen scoots around her foster mommy with the speed of lightening and tries to touch a hot pan on the stove... twice in a single day.

Don't miss it! Jackass III The Toddler

Starring Baby Karen AKA THE BEAST

Coming to a theater near you

Monday, March 05, 2007

This Week's To Do

It's been a while since I posted my Monday To Do list. Maybe this means my life is leveling out--the first time since the wee foster kids came. Or maybe I'm just getting used to being exhausted and frazzled again. Dh and I did run out for a drink last night once the babies were in bed. Red Robin makes such happy drinks.

I managed to go over 40,000 words on Saturday. I did the happy dance and went to bed.

Okay, without further ado.... the to do!

Write like madwoman in DASH!
Check submission records and make sure they're updated
Pitch editor 3 more articles
Send Dr. Diamond email questions
Arrange phone interviews
Write Dr. Diamond profile
Get expert sources for infant hernias
Get expert sources for screaming babies
Write out questions for screaming babies and infant hernias
Make out new article due list
Send Winter Rose Entries back
Write like madwoman in DASH!

Notice I began and ended with DASH? Yeah. Am super motivated to get it done so I can start revising. Lurve revising.