Friday, March 31, 2006

week in review

Today's Friday, right? Shaking head. It just flew by. I really didn't get anything done. I got started on the LIPS synopsis. Am rewriting LIPS again. Agent gave me some killer ideas, so here I go again. (Does anyone actually say killer anymore?) But I haven't gotten that far. I have two articles I could be doing and haven't. No motivation.

Of course, darling husband has been home for the past few days doing amazing busy-busy. That's sorta distracting. Men who do laundry are so sexy, don't you think? And he made three dinners. I helped, but we were alone all three times. Dd was at friends house and ds was traveling around Oregon and Cali in a van with his friends. So we were alone, left to sip wine and ale and cook together. Twas wonderful. Can't even tell you.

So I didn't write much. Not nearly enough. I did get stuff done like looking for sources and stuff like that. (If your DH had a low sperm count, I would love to talk to you!) But no real writing.

But that's okay. Sometimes you have to actually get your arse out of the chair and live, you know? Otherwise I wouldn't be a very good writer:)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Phone interviews blech

Okay, I'm weird.

I really hate phone interviews. Yes, you get more than by an email interview. Yes, you form a better relationship with the source. But no matter. They are a pain in the ass. Cause than they know you and have your phone number. I had one source who contacted me forever. Forever! Wanting me to use him in more articles. Etc. Talk for an hour each time. Also... you have to make sure you call or are at home at the right time. You have to be prepared. Instead of just emailing it whenever and then getting it back and using it when you want to, you have to beready to talk about the subject at hand on someone else's schedule. Plus with email interviews I get a hard copy of every quote you put in the article. Every one. See, Mr. Lawyer. They sent this to me and in good faith I reported it. Plus, okay, another weird thing. I just don't want to talk on the phone unless I want to talk on the phone, you know?

Yeah, if you can't tell by my infantile complaining I have to do a phone interview today.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Monday

I should be making a to do list for the week, but I'm not.

Just took my oldest and dropped him off for a spring break youth group trip. He came back and actually hugged me! In front of everyone. Awww. He's growing up! Hugging Mom isn't social death anymore:)

Have a gazillion things to do this week. Seems like I always do. I have a couple of articles due, want to get to the LIPS synopsis, revise a couple of chapters, that sort of thing. I have a couple of ideas I am developing for my next work, but I want to get Lips mostly done. Also need to do some crits for CP's. What else? The yard is becoming an issue. How on earth am I supposed to fit that in? Yikes.

What are your plans for the week?

Saturday, March 25, 2006


So many of my friends finaled in the GH or the Rita, I can't even list them all. Okay, tear for me. Oh, wait. I didn't think I would win it anyway and the only reason I wanted to win was to give any editors waffeling on the story a push over to my side. Well, now I just go back to waiting with a little reminder to myself that this is the story that had three different agencies all wanting it at the same time. There, my ego needed that. Next year I'll be ineligible cause I'll surely have sold somethign by them right? Right?

Still frazzled here. Was out last till midnight with my dd's new love muffin. They played at the rink till 11 when my boy got off and then we all went to shari's for a late night snack. Down at 1:30, up at 7 and back to the rink with dd and ds has a chess tournament. Then go pick them up and then come home and NAP! Or write an article if I can.

Need to work on LIPS. Dying to work on LIPS, really. maybe tonight. Once the chess tourney and the teaching are done, my running around is over too, so maybe I can fit it all in plus a nap. Wouldn't that be nice?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Slammed, swamped and overloaded...

Did I mention overwhelmed? Between my daughter needing help finishing up her English class, juggling a dozen articles and finishing up revisions on LIPS, I am just sort of tired of writing. Will get back to my blog when my fingers don't hurt.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday's To Do

Quite a week I have going for me. I have 13 things on the to do list, including two articles due, three articles due the next week and I have to make sure I have the sources for, finish polishing the first three chapters of Lips and send back out to Jenny, and start on the synopsis. Those are just a list sampling. Busy, busy, busy.

I like busy though. It keeps me from thinking about not making the GH finals. How do I know for sure? I just do. My prologue that I sent out with the GH version isn't nearly as strong as the one I have now. So there you go. Plus, I know a lot of the women who entered the YA catagory. A lot of them have scored agents or contracts with those very same books. I know, I know, I am one of those who scored an agent with her GH entry, but I haven't gotten a contract yet, have I? So I am fairly certain that I haven't made it and I am okay with that. But still... there is a little part of me. LOL That wishes I would. Hee. And no, I'm not just saying this to have people prop me up with positives. I'm not being negative, just realistic. And... this is my way of dealing with the not knowing. Some people are all confident, others immerse themselves in work and I say, oh I don't have a chance and carry on. None of those ways are better than the others, just different.

I am on chapter five of the big third to first person switch over. It's going fabulously. So far my Cp's are really positive about the change, though one isn't as enthusiastic about chapter two as chapter one. I will tweak a couple things, but I think it's fine. It is different writing for and about teens than it is adults. Teens are more forgiving of a protagonist not knowing what they want and being changable in their goals, because they can relate. Being changable is the teen norm. I get frustrated with adult novels when the heroine is all wishy washy, going this way and that. Because she is an adult and should have a fairly well defined sense of self. A teen protag could be a punk, but still be lured into wanting to be a prep. They are in the middle of changing. And they don't know what they want. And what they think they want can change one or more times.

For instance, my heroine thinks she wants to fit in because that is something she never really had before. She does all sorts of things that aren't really her because of this goal. But there is one part of her that is a bit pissed off about having to do those things and she extracts revenge now and again. So on the one hand, she is doing her best to be something she's not, to fit in. On the other hand she is disdainful of the people she is trying to fit in with and herself for wanting to fit in. That is one of the realities of teendom.

Hee, I don't even remember where I was going with this. Probably just trying to cement in my mind why my girl is pretty contradictory in the second chapter.

Okay, must get started on the to do list from hell...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Four Score!

Four movies you would watch over and over:
Oh, Brother Where Art Thou
Much Ado About Nothing
Love, Actually

Four places you have lived:
Alfalfa, Oregon
Puallup, Washington
Peoria, Arizona
Portland, Oregon

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Desperate Housewives
American Idol
Days of Our Lives (Oh, shut up, it was an addiction given to me when I was ten by my mother)
Grays Anatomy

Four places you have been on vacation:
Yuma, Arizona
Reno, Nevada
Columbus, Ohio

Four websites you visit daily:
MSN homepage

Four of your favorite foods:
Fetticini Alfredo
Swiss cheese and vegi sandwiches

Four places you would rather be right now:
A warm beach

Friday, March 17, 2006

So Excited!

Okay, the changes my agent asked for are not only making the manuscript better, they are kicking ass! Changing it from third person POV to first is making it pop and sparkle the way it never did before. Adding more angst and edge to the main character's persona is creating a vibrancy in a way I'd never imagined. The story was good before, but compared to this version it was flat. A mere shadow of what it could be and what it is now.

Can you tell I'm excited?

I have always loved revisions, but when they makes such a huge difference to the story, they're almost addictive. I should be working out, cleaning my house, driving my kids to the rink. Instead I am working on Lips, playing with this, changing that, adding the charged up sexual excitement you felt in highschool, but rarely acted on. Adding in some of the anger and mean that was also a big part of highschool. Anyone else dump perfume or shampoo on someone on the bus on their way to school? No? LOL. Ahem.

Anyway, back to work. And I am also managing to keep up with my nonfiction too, which is good cause I have nine assignments due in the next month.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What the?

Have you ever went on a diet and gained weight? I was steadily losing until I gained a pound yesterday and another pound today. I swear, I was almost suicidal until I looked at the date. Oh. Duh. That's why. I don't mind this though, because of the big loss it will take in a week or so. As long as I am faithful.

Writing wise, I got the notes from my agent about my proposal. Great ideas all, so now I am doing a rewrite of my previously rewritten and polished chapters... and they are ever so much better. That's probably why she's the agent, eh? I think her ideas are spot on.

Busy running day today, but luckily most of it should be done by three this afternoon. Then I can relax this evening.

I had this weird dream that I went to an animal shelter and my husband ended up asking if we could do foster care for two more dogs in our home. Gads. Just what we need. More animals.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Insecure Writer

We all have em. Those little insecurities that plague us no matter what we do. Even the most innocent letter from our agent can take on double and triple meanings. I love the concept, am sending notes... can mean a billion things except, of course, I love the concept, am sending notes! HA! I even asked for input, so why am I paranoid? Because I am an insecure writer.

Some people are so insecure they won't even send their writing out. Some people won't even finish anything because they are so convinced their writing sucks. Writers who can't take critism are writers plagued by insecurities... even when they seem to have it all together. And it's too bad because such writers never grow.

I admit it, I am totally insecure about my writing. But not to the point that I won't finish or I won't take critism or won't turn it in. My desire to be a published author overcomes my insecurities.

That's why I am going to succeed while other, more talented writers will fail... pure, in your face, tenacity. The kind of strong teeth gritting will that made my parents crazy. It overcomes the insecurities.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Men are babies

My dh is sick. Now, I won't go into a blow by blow of what a baby he is when sick because I don't want to disrespect him like that. Suffice it to say that I had brain surgery, and a week in ICU and no one had to hand feed me when I got home. Unlike someone I know stricken with the flu. That's all I have to say about that.

My best friend is in Hawaii this week. So unfair. It's also pretty boring without her.

In spite of a sick dh and enormously busy babies, I am up to chapter eight on my edits of LIPs. It's going well, except I have some changes to make in their relationship... the tension is there, but it isn't feeling right to one of my CPs. So I have to figure a few things out and see what I can do. My agent still has the first three chapter so it's just a waiting game now. And speaking of my agent... she was a busy woman this week and made calls to five more publishers and sent it back out! So now we are up to ten publishers again. Just waiting for someone to bite. Someone has to bite, right?


Friday, March 10, 2006

treading water

Busy busy busy

Articles. Editing. Driving.

Trying to lose a gazillion pounds before San Jose.

Will write soonest.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sometimes I just do good work...

I managed to already polish off both articles I had to finish up this week. I LOVE that. Now the rest of the week can be low key plugging away. As a reward for getting them in early I was offered more articles. I took them. What can I say? Until I start selling some fiction I will remain an article slut.

Am busy today, but hope to get into Lips at some point. Am going to have the ice princess fitted with a custom dress for the upcoming season. Also have to get her to the rink to teach this afternoon. Child best get a move on her school or else she'll be staying up late tonight.

Ethan ran into some BS at work. Hate to tell him so young that is a part of life. He has a meeting with his boss on Friday. I gave him some pointers but can't fix it for him. He has to do it himself.

Back to Lips. Agent has first three chapters. We'll see. Gulp.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Mondays to do list

Ah, yes, it's that time again!

Write Potty Training Independence
Write Nuts and Bolts of toilet training
Get anecdotal Sources for Hormonally Speaking
Contact Mom of the month people
Send out questions for temporarily wihtout kids
Polish, revise and edit Lips
Do crits for Cp's
Get sources for Understanding the uterus.
Get sources for Fibromyalgia.
Write synopsis for Lips
Develop new YA idea

Going to be a fun week, eh? Add that to my regularly fun schedule of running the children all over creation and the fact that I am desperately trying to lose some weight and you have a woman living on the edge of sanity and reason.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Writing Weaknesses

Okay, time to fess up. We all have em. Writing weakesses. My CP's, current and former, know what mine are. And they don't know how lucky they are they didn't get me six years ago. As one of those "non college going writers" (No, never been, don't really want to go, though it has crossed my mind) I am a bit weak on mechanics. Comma's confuse me, tenses befuddle me, and the thought of reading Strunk and White tortures me. I am big enough to confess this. I am MUCH, MUCH better. But some spellings will always slip my mind. It's like a missing synapse. For instance, how many times will I have to write nessesary or consicous before I just know what they are instead of having to stop to think.? By this time, I think never.

I actually got denied entrance into a YA Crit group when I started six years ago. Yeah, I can see why now. Six years of writing 9-14 articles a month can be quite the education. But fiction writing is vastly different and it has been a learning experience.

What else am I weak on? Patience. I have shot myself in the foot more than once because I am impatient. My tendency to jump the gun has cause me more humilation than I can count and yet I never seem to learn my lesson there. Perhaps its a sign of immaturity? Or a character flaw? This has impacted my career and my writing.

I have capital issues. I capitalize random letters in a sentence. I do it both printing and typing. No one knows why.

Speaking of typing, I don't know how to type the correct way. My fingers actually rest on the right keys, but I have to look most of the time cause I have an unruly left hand. It won't do anything right. I use two fingers on my left hand, the pointer and the middle finger. I will use the ring finger on occassion for the shift key. But mostly my right hand does all the work which is why it is aching right now. This typing style is also why I write fmaily that way and form (supposed to be from) Wierd.

I have dyscalcula and my daughter is dyslexic so I think I have some left/right brain issues going on. My son is a lefty but he does a lot of things with his right hand and I am a righty who does a lot of things with her left hand. (I find brain stuff like this fascinating)

I have more weaknesses, but my weird brained kids need to get to the rink. Ice princess has to practice for an hour and then teach for two and my son has to work all day. Which means Mommy gets some quality alone time with the keyboard! YAY!

What are your writing weaknesses?

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I am done with the rough of READ MY LIPS!

A whole weeks and a half after Gena finished hers, but better late than never is certainly apt in this case:) Now I get to the fun! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What's New In Teri's World

French Press Coffee

Lurve this stuff. Really. Am so addicted. I remember a long time ago I used to be satisfied with Folgers or MJB or brands like that. My mom and dad switched to newly ground coffees as soon as it came out, but I turned up my nose. The expense! As a new mom I drank far too much coffee to get started on that stuff. Even if it did taste better. Ridiculously better. Then I got a grinder from Christmas and that was all she wrote. Starbucks on every street corner didn't help either. Then someone gave me a french press. I disdained it for a year. Then I tried it. Oh.My.Gawd. Now they are all I drink. Problem is that it takes roughly half the amount of a full pot to make one lucious cup. Pretty soon I'll just be sitting at my desk eating the beans.

A Gardener

Ab finally broke down and decided to hire us someone for the yard... not full time, just someone to take care of the grass, rake up and cut down the slimy plants I should have cut down last year. Cause he has realized that I. Am. Just. Not. Going. To. Get. To. It.

When we first moved here I wasn't writing full time and I put in about 15 flower beds. Actually they were here and I expanded. Now I drive and write and that is the sum total of what I can handle. Oh, and the occasionally hot and sweaty bonus to keep him happy. But really, that's all I can do. No more garden calendar. No more pouring over the catalogues planning for the spring. I think he misses that in me like he misses banana bread and homemade cake. Not gonna happen, Mister. You're lucky to get the hot and sweaty bonus. So he hired someone to make it look reasonable again. God bless him.


Ab has also realized that just like the tides, his wife now gets to abscendate herself from the fmaily on the occasional business trip called the writing conference. Am going to both San Jose this year and Emerald City. YAY me! One in the fall and one in the spring. If I could go to nationals I will. But Alas, the chances of me finalling in the YA cat is slim to none so I won't even consider it. Way too much money and too much time away from home. How would the children get around for that long?

A Bloody Eye

Started this weird veiny bleeding thing yesterday. Children told me to go to the doctor. But will they give me good drugs? Probably not. Then eh. Whatevah. Though I did wake up with a headache this morning. Hate that. I keep thinking that maybe my pituitary gland is dying from all the radiation leveled at it and this is a symptom. I'd rather bury my eye, er, head in the sand.

So what's new in your world?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Quite Done, But...

Getting there.

I won't even go over how many times I had to run to the ice rink yesterday. No way would I get any writing done on the last couple of chapters so I sat down with some of my Cp's crits and went at it. Good comments by all and the first three chapters are now very, very clean and ready to go. Really wish I could just finish it. But alas, I have a ton of nonfiction things to do. I hope to start that last chapter today, wish me luck.

Revising the finished product is actually the part of the process I enjoy most about writing. Gathering enough clay to work with is hard for me, but once I have enough clay to make a ball, watch out! I can shape it and pull it and dig my fingers into it. The best fun. And sometimes, like yesterday, I can't wait till I finish to start playing with it.