Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten!

I haven't forgotten I have a blog. Nor have I forgotten that I should update...but I did say I've changed my attitude and apparently that means not being online as much as I used to. I'm not even twittering as much!

Last time I posted I wasn't sure how this new attitude was going to affect my life and writing. It's been good. Very good.

I am taking my health seriously again, which in turn has given me new energy. Remember my nonprofit idea? My book club for girls at the low income community center? My wonderful teaching job at Common Ground Extended Care? My writing? All of that takes energy and when my health isn't optimum, neither is my energy.

I took a 2 day Margie Lawson deep edits class that blew my mind. Several times. I have the high concept idea and her workshop gave me the tools to take my writing to places it hasn't been before. So excited! I've also signed up for Bob Mayer's Warrior Writer Workshop in February.

And...I'm getting a tattoo!I have already made the appointment and chosen my design. It's absolutely gorgeous and I will take a pix when it's done. Basically, the design will remind me everyday, of who I am.

So onward! And I promise I won't wait another month to blog:)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A New Attitude for 2010

As most of you know, it's been a long time since I sold my first (and only) fiction book. Three years to be exact. There are any number of reasons why I haven't sold again. I switched agents during that time. I lost my editor, twice. My new agent had to take eight months off for medical reasons... the very day she was going out with my new work.

But when it comes right down to it, I just haven't gotten the right book into the right editor's hands at the right time.

And I'm concerned because in some ways selling has become my focus. Rejections sting more, whereas I used to take them in stride. I'm suffering from professional envy more than I used to, even with people I care about and am truly happy for.

Writing is a business, so it's good for me to be concerned about selling, especially when I want to write for a living. That's my goal, so selling is key, but it isn't everything. I've lost sight of the fact that writing is also my art, my passion, and my calling.

I'm out of balance, out of whack, whatever you want to call it. I feel it in the way I read Publisher Market Place. I feel it in the way I write or don't write. I don't feel the same confidence in myself as a writer and that affects the way I interact with fellow writers, editors and other industry professionals.

So this year, I'm going to focus on myself as an artist--as a writer. I'm going to focus on words, on craft, on seeking out inspiration, on nourishing my inner artist. My new focus doesn't mean I'm going to stop my agent from submitting, or that I'm going to run away to a Tibetan monastery to write in peace and solitude, (though doesn't that sound kind of nice? LOL) But my blog may be different. I may blog about my journey, or I may blog only intermittently. I'm not sure how it's going to look, but I do have a couple things in mind:

1. I won't be attending any conferences this year, only craft workshops and writer's retreats. My RWA chapter has a few good ones coming up that I'm looking forward to. I also plan on putting together a writer's retreat on the Oregon Coast for anyone who is interested.

2.A reevaluation of my goals every few months. I need to keep my finger on my creative pulse to see how I am doing. Keeping in mind I also want to start a non profit and run a marathon this year, I need to keep all my passions in balance.

3. Read or reread some good inspirational books. I love Natalie Goldberg's, Thunder and Lightening. Anyone else have any suggestions?