Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last year I wanted MORE

This year I want LESS.

Less bullshit.
Less procrastination.
Less stress, for sure!
(One less job would be great!)
Less self indulgence.

Time to prioritize, reshuffle, re-evaluate, redo.

Other than meeting Rosanna Braccioforte, my boss and new best friend, 2009 was a bit of a disappointment.

So time to trim down, cut the deadwood, and wake up. Time is limited.

Take less for granted.
Worry less
Envy less
Doubt myself less
Waste less time
Consume less
Spend less

I can only have more if I first balance it out with less.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Facial a Day

My surgery went fine and am now on the road to recovery. I can't do a whole lot still so I am writing, organizing and giving myself a facial a day. Why?

I dunno. It's something to do.

Plus I had my birthday and I feel like my skin is in pretty good condition for my age, so I wanted to reward it after years of neglect. Here's what I have done so far:

My Orgins clay mask. I started out with this since I had some left over. It's always nice, but I know I can't spend that kind of money for everyday, so I decided to go the homemade route. So then I tried...

Olive oil and sugar. Mostly because I had the ingredients! My daughter has a facial brush and I used that. You mix equal amounts of evoo and plain sugar and apply to the face. I lightly scrubbed my face with the brush and rinsed with warm water. then I washed my face. My face felt nice and clean and moisturized. The weird thing is when I went to put on make up later that day, I had big rolls of dead skin coming off on my foundation sponge. GROSS! Obviously, I need to exfoliate more.

So today I used the Miracle Whip mask. Basically, you put a think layer of Miracle Whip on your face, let it dry and then massage it off. The product picks up all the dead skin as it rolls up in little rubbery balls. So disgusting, but my skin felt fabulous after I washed it.

Tomorrow I am going to try the avocado mask. Take half an avocado and mash it add a couple of tablespoons of evoo. Chill. Apply to the face, wait 15 minutes and then wash off. (I think I'll eat the other half in a salad.)

After that I'm going to make up an antioxidant/antiwrinkle mask from on tablespoon of fresh orange juice and 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hopefully when I go back to work, I'll look like I've gone to a spa instead of having an organ yanked out of my body!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Night's Party or Reliving the Eighties

Behind every responsible parent of older teenagers lives a party animal waiting to get out. It got out at my unbirthday party last night.

A little backstory: I called it my unbirthday party because tomorrow I go in to get my gall bladder brutally yanked out. Apparently, I don't need it. Since tomorrow is my real birthday, I decided that the 20th would be my unbirthday and I was going to have a party, dammit.

I bought goodies at Trader Joes, mucho liquor and my husband called his friends. His friends because my friends are all running around making Christmas happen while their husbands attend unbirthday parties.

The nice thing about parties now as compared to parties in the eighties, is that the guests all bring booze and ice. No freeloaders. Nice. It also meant that we had an inordinate amount of booze to person ratio which set a nice tone for the evening.

So we drank. And drank. And then we drank some more. We drank irresponsibly. GREAT WHITE WAS PLAYED, PEOPLE. My young adult children, who were coming in and out doing their own thing, were astonished at the goings on. My daughter was disgusted by the ribald comments and jokes. Much hilarity was made of my husband, who'd just had hernia surgery, having to wear a panty liner against his wound to stop the seepage. One witty partier called it his manpon. The guitars were pulled out and my husband jammed at mach volume. So did others who had never picked up a guitar in their lives. New hits, like C*&% and B*&&S, were created.

After one of my daughter's "I can't believe you are all so classless and crude" comments, I pulled her aside and explained that this was our generation. This was how we partied. Well, minus the big hair and narcotics lined up on the back of public toilets.

The next morning, my husband and I woke up with our hangovers, cleaned the house, went out to breakfast and proceeded to do all the things grown ups do like make lists, run errands, and worry over bills and kids.

But last night we PARTIED!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged! I plead insnaity, as in my life is insane!

1. Still working two jobs. Black Friday was intense as no one in the free world knows how to refold a sweater.

2. I won nano with 50,120 words, or something like that. The book isn't finished, but have got back and started revising because I know the ending will change as the book takes shape. Plus, it's just such a relief.

3. My husband goes in for surgery tomorrow and I go in the week after that to get my gallbladder taken out. So basically, Christmas has to be done NOW. I'm doing okay, Tree is up, Cards are almost ready to go out, shopping is almost done. It's the almost that worries me.

4. Waiting to hear on Excessive Speed. Figure I will have to wait until after the New Year, but hey, at least I have something out!

5. I miss my friends. I never get to see anyone!