Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last year I wanted MORE

This year I want LESS.

Less bullshit.
Less procrastination.
Less stress, for sure!
(One less job would be great!)
Less self indulgence.

Time to prioritize, reshuffle, re-evaluate, redo.

Other than meeting Rosanna Braccioforte, my boss and new best friend, 2009 was a bit of a disappointment.

So time to trim down, cut the deadwood, and wake up. Time is limited.

Take less for granted.
Worry less
Envy less
Doubt myself less
Waste less time
Consume less
Spend less

I can only have more if I first balance it out with less.

1 comment:

Dawn Maria said...

I had a rough year writing-wise in 2009. I've rebooted my attitude and expectations for 2010. I love the idea of a year filled with less bull shit!

Happy New Year!