Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten!

I haven't forgotten I have a blog. Nor have I forgotten that I should update...but I did say I've changed my attitude and apparently that means not being online as much as I used to. I'm not even twittering as much!

Last time I posted I wasn't sure how this new attitude was going to affect my life and writing. It's been good. Very good.

I am taking my health seriously again, which in turn has given me new energy. Remember my nonprofit idea? My book club for girls at the low income community center? My wonderful teaching job at Common Ground Extended Care? My writing? All of that takes energy and when my health isn't optimum, neither is my energy.

I took a 2 day Margie Lawson deep edits class that blew my mind. Several times. I have the high concept idea and her workshop gave me the tools to take my writing to places it hasn't been before. So excited! I've also signed up for Bob Mayer's Warrior Writer Workshop in February.

And...I'm getting a tattoo!I have already made the appointment and chosen my design. It's absolutely gorgeous and I will take a pix when it's done. Basically, the design will remind me everyday, of who I am.

So onward! And I promise I won't wait another month to blog:)


Lisa Nowak said...

Health is so important when it comes to writing. When I feel crappy everything seems like too much work, but the rest of the time I have boundless energy. It's the difference between forcing myself to do the impossible and having everything be fun and flow freely.

Lexi said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself!

Amanda Ashby said...

look after yourself, Teri! And isn't Margie Lawson amazing? She was our keynote speaker at the 2008 NZ conference and she was AMAZING!!!!!