Friday, July 02, 2010

Drowning in Words

Greetings bloggerites,

What have I been doing since I last blogged? I've been on Facebook, (Teri Foreman Brown) Twitter, (Teribrownwrites) and working. I've also been writing. And wording. Wording you ask? Yep, playing with words. Creating designs from them, writing poetry, and looking up random words in the thesaurus. Wording.

I was also supposed to be running, but am not doing so much of that. No, I've been to busy having a mini nervous breakdown. What else do you call it when you are drowning in words to the point where you dream about them? Not sure if this is a good thing and I'm about to make some sort of creative breakthrough, or if I'm simply crazy. Hard to tell at this point:)

Lots of things going on in my real life. My mom is no longer driving, so I'm doing most of that. My fantabulous job has ended for the summer, so I am back working at Community Partners for Affordable Housing for the next couple of weeks. My son finally got a job and went from being home 24/7 to being gone ten or more hours a day. My daughter continues to be a delight, as does my husband.

But on the interior... oh, my interior is messy. A hoarders home of words and thoughts and emotions which have no words. My interior is rife with murder and mayhem, people with names and those with no names, and the heart breaking reality of unrequited love.

You know, normal writers stuff.

Until next time,


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Anonymous said...

Hey Teri! Boy can I relate -- not with wording, but with the whole brain filled with characters and entire lives that often disconnect me from my own life. I am absolutely crazy, and I imagine a hundred years ago if I talked about what went on inside my head I would either be addicted to opium or wild mushrooms as a survival tool or locked away by society. I'm glad to know you'd be right there with me. :)


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