Sunday, July 23, 2006


In paperwork and work.

I have papers all over my desk. Wic papers, federal assistance papers (all three kids are elegible for assistance) papers to fill out to have the state pay for day camps for the eldest, papers filled with names of other foster parents to call for support, papers listing do's and don'ts for disciplining foster children... the list is endless. I know I can shove them all in the folder, but they have to be gone over, filled out and changes made.

Then there is writing. Finished another article today. The rough anyway. I am sure it is disjointed as I had to write in twenty minute increments. Am hoping for some time tonight to go over it and maybe finish another one. Am far behind and I haven't touched fiction in ages. I miss my CP's. I miss living in another world(I could use another world right about now!)

Everyone is gearing up for Nationals and once again I am feeling left out. Couldn't afford it. Didn't sell this year. (and as things turned out, I couldn't go anyway!) But, I am not complaining. Since the Reno Nationals, I've completed a really wonderful book and scored a top notch agent. Last year, I made more with my writing than I ever have. I have learned tons and tons and went to a writers conference where I met several wonderful agents and editors and made some good friends. And I scored a fabulous CP. (Hi Shannon!) So, all and all, I have moved foreward this year:)

I'll hang onto that:)


Shannon McKelden said...

I miss you, too! But, you're doing the right thing. Take lots of heart in that. :-)


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm sad about not going to Nationals too, and I don't have any of your good reasons for missing.

Someday, those kids will look back and realize how much you gave up for them, and they'll love you even more for it. It might influence (for the better) decisions they'll make. It might teach them how to be parents to their own children.

You're doing something amazing. Don't forget that. ;-)

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