Sunday, July 30, 2006

Getting closer

My kids are over the little kids. They still help a lot, but I can tell by their attitudes that they're over it. Over getting woken up early(especially my daughter who has to get up so early for skating anyway. On her days off she wants to sleep!) Over sharing their rooms that they can no longer consider sanctuary. Over always having to feed the kids before they put food into their continually hungry teenage bodies. Over the house smelling like pee and poo. Over having to give up events because we have no one to watch the sleeping babies so I can pick them up. Over the noise, the sticky floors, the drool, the diapers and the bickering. Tired of their mother always being tired and bitchy. The court date is the eleventh and I am hoping that mommy gets them back. We cannot do this long term.

Not that my children are not compassionate. My son really doesn't want them going back with mom because he believes they won't have a chance of making a good life with her. But he is mature enough to know that we can't do this forever. And they are teens. Compassion will only take them so far. But they continue to help. Last night, they played yard games like Red Light Green Light and Simon Says while I made dinner. But their tempers and patience and tolerance is much shorter.

In writing news... congrats to all the RWA Rita and Golden Heart Winners! I can only imagine the excitment they all must be experiencing. How fun the gala must be. Perhaps next year. And in reading all the accounts of nationals, I am excited to get back to my writing. So even though I wasn't there, I have been encouraged. Now that is the power of a conference!