Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I have a confession to make. I am MS word ignorant. It does all these strange things and makes me nuts. My CP's are always telling me, "one inch all the way around!" WTF? I thought I did! What's the difference between a bloody tab and a margin? How come when I paste in some text from an email it double spaces itself, yet when I go to format/paragraph to fix it, it says that it's single spacing? WHY? And the only way I can get it to do single spacing is to push the space bar in front of the sentence or word and then it crawls across the page and single spaces itself. WHY? Oh, and in one crit I found this little gem in a comment box:

Indent: Left: 0", Right: 0", Automatically adjust right indent when grid is defined, Adjust space between Asian and Latin text, Adjust space between Asian text and numbers, Tabs: Not at 0.5

Well, that's clear as mud. Asian text? WTF? I'm not writing in Asian text. What are they talking about?? Also, when I make a header and enlarge it, sometimes when I move the curser down a few spaces it is 12. font and sometimes it is the same big font as the header? WHY? How come when I do bullet points in one part of the article and then try to do it three paragraphs down, the bullets are in different places? WHY? And how come the margins sometimes change on me when writing? Is it me? Should I take a class? Get a degree in Microsoft word???

Also when I try to paste the stupid article in the body of an email I get a warning that says I don't have Active X enabled and the formatting won't be correct. Sometimes it does that with web pages. What the heck is Active X?


Rachel Vincent said...

Okay, let's see... the indent/asian/latin text thing is just what shows up when your CP reformats for you while she has the document in "track changes" mode. It's just telling you exactly what she did. Don't worry about that.

To adjust the bullets, highlight the text you want to move, and click "increase indent" or "decrease indent" on the toolbar.

I don't know a thing about the rest of that. None of that has happened to me.


JENNA said...

No clue about ActiveX (yikes, that sounds terminal)...but I've finally conquered mss formatting. Though, bullets screw me up every time in articles.

I'd love to get together and vent about writing. I need to learn to talk about things other than the 3 year old currently refusing to nap when I really needto wirte because my editor came up with a brilliant twist on my hero's motivation and I truly want to get it down before I forget!

Shannon McKelden said...

Yeah, I didn't get that Asian/Latin thing either, and it was me who got it. All I did was reformat a spot where all your tabs were too far over, and that popped up. I didn't notice what it said until later, and then I didn't want to go back and delete everything to try to make it go away. Some things about Word even I don't understand, and I've been using it for years.


Kalayna-Nicole Price said...

ActiveX has to do with javascript, I think. I'm not sure why word would say anything about it unless what you were opening was from the internet.