Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day of school

Yeah, I know. Usually the first day of school is Kindergarten or first grade and you are holding the hand of a little gap toothed wonder. Turns out my daughter's first day of school came when she is a lovely, poised fiffteen year old. You see, I chose to homeschool my kids. A choice many more people are making these days.

I remember those years with fondness. Making claypots and learning sign language for our native American studies. Stitching together raccon caps for our study on mountian men. Countless field trips, classes and learning experiences. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Many people choose to homeschool all the way through highschool, but my daughter wanted to go to school. At first, I was opposed, but as I saw her maturing, I knew she was going to be okay. I trust her. So at fifteen, she is heading out. When my son goes to college in a couple of weeks, I will officially be finished homeschooling. That part of my life, a part I enjoyed so much, will be over. It's time to really start letting go. Sniff.


Anonymous said...

So, does this mean we can have coffee soon?

I have to sign my name here, as I upgraded to's lovely!


Rachel Vincent said...

I have two cousins who were homeschooled from junior-high on (by their mother, a public school teacher). One's now a national merit finalist on full scholarship to Baylor.

I also have a close relative who homeschools all five of her children.

You home-school mothers have my admiration. ;-)

Good luck to your daughter.

Christine Keach said...

Yes, good luck to your daughter, and good lucck to you getting through the separation.