Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beyond Busy

Yep, that's me. Been sitting here at the computer for days except for time off to water my yard and play scrabble with my teenager. DASH is... coming along. I have some great CP's. I'm also thinking of sending it to an editor I know who has a part time critiquing business... She's fabulous, published, knowledgable, and reasonably priced.

Just a thought.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish with eight and nine today. I have one more article to do, but think I'm going to put it off for another day. I don't have much time to blog but wanted to leave you with a few thoughts.

1. Amanda Ashby wonders why books don't write themselves. I looked at chapters eight and nine and decided that they must write themselves, because I certainly couldn't have written such crap!

2. Coffee and M&Ms are the breakfast of writing champions. I have heard it was true, but never believed it. Now I know just how long they'll sustain you.

3.An hour of yard work can completely remove the aches from six hours of sitting in a chair. Plus, it's productive. Who knew?!!


Amanda Ashby said...

Teri - I have the same problem. Obviously evil elves sneak in at night and tamper with our wips because they are jealous of our Staggering Genius. Oh, and add a diet coke chaser to your coffee and M&Ms and you will power through the revisions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

M&M's are a breakfast staple, aren't they? }:)

stephhale said...

I'm with you, if the boys are sleeping, I'm working on these crazy revisions! UGH! I can't wait until nationals. Oh, and did you know I had an accident and am in a soft cast. Yeah, cuz I needed that right now. :)