Thursday, September 06, 2007



If that didn't make sense it's because you're not in my brain. Those are my thoughts. A jumbled mass of oh my gawds, What have I dones, and there's just no bloody ways.

I know, it's surprising. I think I've bit off a bit more than I can chew. My to-do list is like that computer that counts Pi... it just keeps going and going. Or maybe that's the computer counting the stars? I don't know, just picture a big ass computer that counts forever.

I thought I was done with DASH, otherwise known as the 55,000 word book that wouldn't be finished.My wonderful CP (The fab writer Kerry)sent me the last three chapter pretty marked up but I powered through the final edits. Then I decided to read the book again to make sure there weren't any loose ends or dangling plot lines. There are. I have a list of about six I have to fix. Not going out this week either.

I had to ask for more articles. Need the money to help pay for another car. Yeah!
Hubby finds out today if we can afford to have dd on the insurance again. (Please God, please let us be able to afford it, I can't go back to driving them both everywhere again!)

On the good side, my fabulous agent LOVED my tween proposal and I am waiting to hear if I should do more or if the three chapters is enough. We'll see. But still... another thing on my to do list.

I have an all day workshop this Saturday... Mary Buckham will be teaching on pacing and sexual tension. (two half day workshops)

I am heading to the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Conference the week after... To promote both my book and the Class of 2K8. Am so excited!

Oh and the website is looking fab... Can't wait to launch it. Still have to prepare the content for it. Also need to finish the Marketing Plan for LIPS and send to the Trident Marketing guy who will give me ideas and tell me if I have missed anything. I want to launch everything October first!

Must make hair appointment to get hair highlighted and shined before my author photos, which are scheduled for the day after I get back from the booksellers show.I think losing thirty pounds before then is out of the question, eh? I'm excited to see how they turn out though, we're having them shot in Portland's Pearl District for an edgy/urban feel.

Oh oh, also... I am going to be blog guesting for the amazing Sara Hantz. She is having a blog party to celebrate the launch of her debut book, "The Second Virginity of Suzy Green." I will try to figure out how to Link to the website later... right now you can check it out by clicking on the Sara Hantz link in the list:)

Is it any wonder that my thoughts look like this: fjsajfhweiorthejdbfjsayekresjkfhdskjlafhdsajklfhdsajkfdhlsajkfhdsiaruyewf???


Heather Harper said...

Maybe if you drink a Martini, those dyslexic threads might rearrange themselves and make sense? ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't way to see the website! :)

Trish Milburn aka Tricia Mills said...

I think I'm tired just reading your post. :) But that's great news about the tween proposal. Congrats.

Rachel Vincent said...

Wow you are busy. Sounds exciting, though! I have to turn in my current book the day you plan to launch your website. Cool, huh?

Okay, maybe only cool to me. But I'm excited for us both!

Lexi said...

Even with all the craziness you still seem pretty happy. Enjoy every minute you can. Can't wait for the website launch!

Shannon McKelden said...

Will you be my inspiration? You rock! I'm so glad everything is going well for you. Busy is good!

Anonymous said...

Teri I've been trying to email you about our drive to Seattle and my message keeps bouncing back. Please email me so we can work out the details!
Congrats on the new proposal! It's all about having fresh work isn't it. I've had a few nibbles on picture books recently but nothing definate. Talk to you soon