Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Weekend Crush

Hmmmm. That's not actually a bad name for a title!

Went to the Deaf Nation conference on Saturday. I can say in all honesty and all respect that was the quietest conference I have ever been to! Lots and lots of signing though. Good experience for me. There were many people I couldn't talk to without an interpreter. I made some great contacts though and found out where deaf teens hang out:)

Sunday was the contest coordinator's meeting downtown, so I took the train into the city again. Met at a Thai place and got a lot of work done. I still have more this week, but I see the end of the tunnel in sight.

Yesterday had to take mom to the doctors for a procedure. She is fine and I think I'm done for a bit. The calendar says I have a teeth cleaning today, but I think that's next month. Have to check.

So now that I'm done with the running around stuff, I need to write. That comfortable padding I gave myself before deadlines is now gone. Long gone.


Now I just need to send it back. Add it to the list!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

I'm glad your Mom is fine :)

Woo Hoo on signing the contract, Teri!!! :)

Rachel Vincent said...

Yea! Congratulations on signing your contract!

Lexi said...

What are you waiting for? Sign that paper and get it back in the mail!

Lenora Bell said...

Congratulations on the contract!!

Lenora Bell said...

Congratulations on the contract!!