Monday, October 08, 2007

Copy Edits!

I got my copy edits. Wow, I had heard people talk about them and was so excited to see mine arrive. That is until I realized I wasn't sure how my editor wanted me to do them... make all the changes in the file and send it to her email and ship the original manuscript back, or mark the changes on the hard copy... so I wrote my editor and asked only to find that she had left for the weekend.


I sent a panicked email out to a couple of my lists and the answers ran the gamut. But one woman, also with Pulse, told me she did it all on the manuscript and so that is what I did all weekend. COnsidering that they are due on Friday and I am leaving on Friday, I was really hoping that was right. Got an email from my editor and YES! That was the right thing to do. So, hopefully, I will have them done by tomorrow and will be able to send them back.

And has anyone gone through copy edits and realized that their book sucked?


Amanda Ashby said...

Teri, I was in absolute tears because not only did my book suck, but it was too late to make it unsuck (I'd thought I would get another round of edits and I honestly can't tell you how devistated I felt when I realized my mistake). I think the problem was that I could still see all the scar tissue from the major surgery I had performed. Anyway, the good news is that no one else can see what you see and it means that your book doesn't infact suck at all!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that it all worked out, Teri! :)

Barrie said...

My copyedits arrived on Monday! Isn't that too weird!!? Although your book will hit the shelves 5 or 6 months before mine. And I'm SURE it doesn't suck!!!

Lexi said...

Oh, Teri, you KNOW it doesn't suck!