Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Eighteenth to my Son

Yes, you have to go to class today. Welcome to adulthood, sport.

The following video is long, but worth it.

I love you, buddy. You have been a joy to raise and to know. I love the way you make everyone laugh. I love the way you think deep thoughts. I love the way you say out of the blue, "I love you, Mama." while sitting and watching TV. I love the way you love to read and write. I am excited to see what you do with the rest of your life.


Jill Monroe said...

LOL - too funny.

Happy birthday to the son of one cool chick!

Amanda Ashby said...

Wow, our boys share a birthday - though mine is only 5 and just off to school for the first time!!!!!

Kelly Mahoney said...

I've had to work or go to school on most of my adult birthdays. But 18 is a good one :)