Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My New Project

As many of you know, I put together a teen book club through my former job at Community Partners of Affordable Housing. I love me some book club girls... they're funny and insightful and all the things you would expect girls ages 11 to 15 to be. I'm not doing book club this summer, but will start up again in the fall. But one of the girls wanted my RACE for the CURE T-shirt and an idea was born.

So now we are doing a running club and hopefully will all run the 5k race at the Komen race this fall. I'm doing this for many reasons,

1. Self worth. Completing a 5k gives you a huge sense of self accomplishment. This is something I would love these girls to have.

2. Health. The statistics on low income teens and obesity is through the roof. If only a few of these girls learn good nutrition and how to care for their bodies, it will be worth it.

3. I miss them like CRAZY!

I plan on talking about nutrition and self care during our training sessions. We'll meet once a week through the summer to train. My biggest concern is not only the money it takes to enter, but also lack of good running gear. We are meeting today to talk about our schedule and the kind of equipment they have... I don't know if they have shoes or running bras, because a few of them will definitely need running bras!

So yeah, I will probably be hitting you all up for clothing later in the summer once I ascertain what they actually need. You all have been so great about sending books for their library and the book club, that I am sure I will have no problem getting the right gear for them. I also plan on putting up some pictures so you can meet my girls... Shamsa, Kameellia, Jennifer, Ana, April, and Jayteanna are all in and I am trying to get a couple of the others, as well.

I wanted to change the world... I just didn't know I was going to do it a few girls at a time:)


Annie said...

I love you

Keri Mikulski said...

Yay!!! Love this, Teri!! You rock! :)

Angela Giles Klocke said...

This is awesome! Keep notes to share with others - *hint, hint* :D

Barrie said...

Terri, you are amazing. And I'm looking forward to meeting the girls.