Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No News is No News

I don't have a single coherent thought to make a blog out of,(probably because it's 3am.!) so am just going to ramble.

1. Got my hair colored yesterday. It's dark. Very dark. I likey.

2. Spent Sunday night in the Er. Possible gallstones or gastritis or an ulcer. All I know is it hurt WORSE than CHILDBIRTH. Oh, and the medication they mainlined in my arm was fabulous. Also, I seem to have the magically exploding veins and my arms now have as many tracks as an addict. Another thing I have to thank my mother for.

3.Am waiting to hear some news on something. Have been waiting for eight weeks. Shoot me.

4.It's raining outside. I love the rain. LOVE it. It's soft and moist and, well, wet. All the stuff rain should be. My skin is sighing in relief. As are the roses.

5. Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's last night with daughter and her fiance. She's an Audrey Hepburn fanatic. She once dressed up as Holly Golightly for Halloween. He sat through the whole thing. He sure does love her.

See, I told you I didn't have enough for a whole blog.


Annie said...

I thought about coffee with you this morning, until I read what time you posted this blog. I'm guessing your sleeping at this point.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, understanding that sort of pain - no fun. Also understand those exploding veins! They blew my last vein!

Hope you have a nice weekend.