Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I forgot

I found the antidote for a very bad day... A bottle of wine and hot tubbing with a good friend. So nice!

Today I start my new job while still working my old one. I'm scheduled for 11 hours between the two of them. Writing? What writing?

Actually, I have a feeling that I will be probably write more because I will force myself to write whenever I have a free moment. Can't wait till next weekend! I wrote a lot over the holiday weekend and finished one proposal. The next item on my writing to do list is to finished the edits my agent wants on my full ms. Had a couple of breakthroughs last night as I was falling to sleep... and miracle of miracles, I still remember them!

Onward, people!


Annie said...

Where do you get your cape pressed and your boots polished? Because only superwoman could pull off what you are doing!

Proud of you!

Barrie said...

You are going to be busy!