Friday, September 04, 2009

Teri's Very Bad Day

Warning: Whine acoming.

1. Wake up to dh throwing the overhead light on at 3:am with "An animal puked all over our new couch."

2. Children left house a dive last night. Dirty dishes everywhere and a dishwasher full of clean dishes. Consider killling them, but decide the funeral cost would wipe us out.

3. Husband very ill and whiny. Had to go to doctors.

4. Discover that uniform is still in the washing machine and wet.

5. Don't have time for a shower. Opt to curl hair instead. Find out there's no hairspray.

6. Don't have time for breakfast. Discover it's gonna be a long day at work.

7. Get massive headache. Beg son to bring Excedrin to work.

8. Have to put away three hundred bras.

9. Old lady patially disrobes so I can fish the tag out of her skanky old bra and tell her what size it is. I kid you not.

10. Accidentally scrape hard, brown old lady bump on her back with my fingernail. She gets upset. I wonder if I now have old lady skin under my nail and what that might do.

11. Husband goes to doctors and is diagnosed with diverticulitus. Which gives him a real reason for whining. Now I HAVE to be nice to him.

12. Children fighting over who gets my car. Everyone but me, I guess.


Shannon McKelden said...

You win, Teri! Very, very bad day. But guess what? That means tomorrow can only get better, right?

Kerensa Brougham said...

Hope you get a nice evening of R&R!