Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nano and Other Crazy Things

Yep, I'm doing Nano. For the first time in like seven years, I had the concept and the motivation at the same time on the first of November. This idea might be THE high concept, break out novel I've been waiting for. So I went to a nano write-in last night and I can't believe how tough it is to just write and not edit. I've done it before, usually at the end of the book as I'm trying to finish, but never at the beginning when I am trying to lay a good foundation. All I have to say is December is going to be FUN.

Speaking of Nano... I went to the meet and greet last Thursday night. So I am sitting at Powells, chilling with my peeps and I hear loud applause behind me. The woman across from me says, “Some really popular children’s author is in there. Some guy named Eoin Culfer? I guess he wrote a series called Artemis Fowl?” I freak out, text my son, and run over and buy his latest and stand in line for an hour to get his autograph. I get my pix with him and bring the books home to my son, who actually gets teary-eyed! There are two authors in the world he would die to meet: one is JK Rowling, the other is Eoin Culfer.


Off to add to the 1800 words I wrote last night! (After midnight, of course!)


Dawn Maria said...

Good luck with Nano Teri!

Lexi said...

I'm doing NaNo too! This is my first time. Good luck and I'll check in with ya!

Barrie said...

I.Am.Jealous. :)

Lexi said...

8 days down for NaNo! Good luck with this week!