Friday, November 17, 2006

Must Write Non-fiction

Totally under the gun the next few days. Have five articles due the 25th and right smack dab in the middle of now and then is Thanksgiving... a four day weekend for the world. Which means that if I don't get my expert interviews in today and the first three days of next week, I don't have a chance of making my deadlines. A lot of the email interviews were promised today so I will have time to go over them and make phone calls on Monday, if needed. Every year at Thanksgiving it's the same story... my editors don't look when they give the deadlines and I don't look when I accept them.

Bloody hell.

So the chances of me doing anything on Dash are very slim. I do need to get my last manuscript out to the GH today. The deadline draws near. Wish me luck, people. Probably the only way I can talk my dh into letting me go to Nationals is to be a finalist. HA!


Shannon McKelden said...

Crap! thanks for the reminder about the holiday! I have to get out requests for another expert today!!

Anonymous said...

Sending you good luck vibes, Teri :)

Christine Keach said...

Good luck!

stephhale said...

Good luck! I so want to meet you in Dallas! :)


Tempest Knight said...

Good luck in getting your articles done!