Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote People!

My dh and I took our ballots and the voters phamplets to Shari's on Sunday night to make our decisions. My son was a bit upset at that. He's been helping us to vote for years, ever since Oregon went ot a vote by mail system. And yes, he often knows more about the issues than we do. We never get our ballots done in time to actually put them in the mail so we drop them off at a ballot box. We did end up calling the fisher boy to ask who we should vote for for city council. He was in the youth council and knows most of the candidates personally.

I've been taking my kids to the polls with me since they were tiny. My MIL used to work the polls so we would visit her once in a while. Once, my dh and I couldn't make up our minds on who to vote for for governer in the primaries and my son kept telling us who it should be. We called the campaign headquarters for each one, asked a few key questions and, by golly, the kid was right. I told the campaign worker that and she invited us to the ball that night to hear the results. Dh had to work, but the children and I went. What a fabulous experience. By some miracle, our guy won and the energy in that room was amazing. Better yet, my in laws saw us on TV yelling and screaming. Joyful moment. Tonight, I have a board meeting so we can't go... I just hope it's short so we can see the results come in.

I love this part of the democratic process. I was the girl who used to take voter registration cards to parties in the eighties. How weird is that?

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Tempest Knight said...

It's good that you're teaching your kids at such early age the importance of voting.