Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Idol, apartment hunting and Oh, yeah, writing.

American Idol

We all knew this would happen. Jordan, Blake, and Shrek. I mean Melinda Doolittle. I am sorry, but my the first time my son saw her he whispered in a stunned voice, "Oh My God, It's Shrek." Now I can't look at her without thinking about that. Great voice... but... Shrek. I think Jordan will win. Incredible voice. Lurve Blake Lewis. So funky and original and I love the sounds of his voice when he is straight singing. Would love to see the both of them in the finals.

Apartment hunting

Must. Find. Apartment for Mom and Dad. Now. They have to be out of their mobile home on the first of June. The problem is they need the following:

Washer and Dryer hook up
Ground floor (mom has cancer, dad is 90! nuff said)
Takes cat
Move in ASAP
Is cheap.
Is not scary

The apartment also has to be close to me since I am the designated caretaker.

And they really need to move out. Cause evidently I don't use enough vegetables when I cook and I don't cook three meals a day. WTF? Does anyone cook three meals a day anymore?


My writing is actually going pretty well., I am caught up with critiques and am moving right a long with DASH. Am more than ready to be finished with that one and move on. I really do want to write more than two books a year. GAH!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

I'm rooting for Jordin! :) Next week should be interesting with each of them having to do three songs, including a choice from the judges.

Yeah that your writing is going well, Teri!!! :)

Rachel Vincent said...

Glad to hear the writing is going well. And for the record, I would be incredibly satisfied to complete two books a year. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My family is lucky when I cook one meal a day. ;p

And I do that under protest most days except I do like making breakfast on the weekends, but that does not mean I'll be cooking dinner.

Anonymous said...

And that last anonymous was me. I forgot to sign my name.

Linda Sherwood

Carlos said...

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