Thursday, May 03, 2007

A burden lightened and other happy thoughts

After dropping the children off at my best friend's house yesterday I called her on the phone.

"Don't trip on the weights in the driveway," I told her.

"What weights?"

"The ones falling off my shoulders on my way to the car."

She officially has the girls now. My baby KK and my Zoe monster will no longer be living full time in my home. Those weights. Not that I didn't love and adore them. But having a very needy three year old and a 20 month old in the house with two teens, my dh, my mother and my mother's cancer was just too much for me. My friend Ann, God bless her bones, has turned out to be more like family than our real family. She ended up loving the girls as much as I did and applied to be their foster mom. Good thing, because if they hadn't given them to her, they would have been separated. Unreal. They have already been separated from their mom and their brother and now us and each other? GAH. The system sucks, you know that? This way, they will be able to stay with us often and as they are already used to staying at Ann's home, the transition won't be as traumatic.

Now I can concentrate on the other big things in my life. Namely, my family, my Mom and my career. That's enough for one person.


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Wonderful! Breathe easier... :?)

Kristen Painter said...

So sorry to hear about your mom! I do think this latest development with the kids is a huge step in the right direction. You have enough on your plate.

And RT was fun, but I was ready to come home. SO tiring.

Jaci Burton said...

Great news on the kids. That has to lighten your burden so much.

I'm still getting caught up. Big hugs and many prayers for your mom. I'm here if you need to talk.

Amanda Ashby said...

Teri, well they say you find out your true friends in a crisis and your friend, Ann, sounds amazing! Hugs for you, your family and your mom.