Friday, July 13, 2007

Day in the life or Procrastination at its Finest

I get up this morning around eight. Way later than I usually get to the computer, but it's been too hot to sleep. So anyway, I have three things that need to be done this weekend. 1. The last few revisions in LIPS. 2. Chapters nine and ten in DASH and 3. An article for my main client.

I get to my computer and I have an email from a magazine that I would love to add to my client list. They liked the pitch, wanted clips. YAY! I know immediately which clips to send that would showcase the type of work I would be doing for them. Look through computer files. Can't find it. Break out the old floppies. Can't find it. One of the floppies, (the one I think it's on), freezes my computer every time I click on the file, causing me to reboot every single time. I do this three times. I've only had one cup of coffee. So I go through my hard copy clips. Can't find it. Run to the filing cabinent in the garage where my magazine clips are. Can't find it.

Breathe. Look up magazine online to see if they have archives. Nope. More coffee. I have now spent almost three hours of my work time looking for a single clip. I quickly find the other article I had in mind to send them. I call the magazine. Can they send me a copy? Yes. Thank god. Next week. Damn itttttt.....

Notice that the file with my hard copy clips in it is atrocious. Clean out file. Then notice next file has all sorts of weird stuff in it. Clean out that file. And on and on and on.

I am now surrounded by a sea of wadded up paper and have not even started one single thing on the list of things I have to get done this weekend.

Nationals, take me away.


Nicole said...

I just found your blog, quite by accident, and I love it!

I've so been there with the clips. I try to be organized but then something happens, and well I'm quite easily distracted (isn't that a pre-req for writers) LOL

Anyway, I hope you got everything done. I will definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

(((Teri))) I hope your weekend went more smoothly.