Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend Ho!

This week I:

Finished and turned in the revisions on LIPS
Edited and polished chapter nine of DASH
Gathered sources for article due Monday.
Sent out 21 pitches and Letters of Introduction to various and sundry magazines.
Got into the 2K8 group YAYAYAYA! (More on that later.)

Damn productive if you ask me!


stephhale said...

Congrats on 2k8!

From a member of 2k7! :)

Amanda Ashby said...

Hey, Teri - hooray on getting into 2k8 (btw, do you have a release date yet???)

Jill Monroe said...

Wow - very productive!! Well done. Let us know how the article goes!

Patti said...

here from sue.

"For literary- minded moms everywhere who sometimes deal with chaos by tossing back a good stiff drink."

your tag line made me laugh and then want a drink...