Saturday, December 01, 2007

Vacation from Nonfiction!

I finally did it. I am all done with my nonfiction articles until the new year. I was offered five assignments already and turned them all down, because December is all about FICTION!

Things I want to do in December:

Finish and Polish SPELL

Finish and return my galleys.

Work on EXCHANGED with my son.

Write the LOOKING FOR LAGUNA proposal.

Finish all work for my 2K8 group

Notice how that is all fiction?

Today was my first official day of vacation. I attended my RWA's chapter holiday party and then went from there to a family party. Tomorrow we are going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra! Yeah baby! Vacation is good. Now off to work on Spell for a bit tonight:)


Lexi said...

What I wouldn't give for a full vacation to only work on fiction for the month of Dec! Enjoy and I hope you get everything done!

Karen M. Gibson said...

So sorry, but you've been tagged! Check for details.

Jessica Burkhart said...

That's so neat that you're writing with your son. I friended him on MySpace, btw. :)