Friday, March 07, 2008

Coming At You Live!!!!!

Last night they rocked PORTLAND!

So my hubby and I were totally exhausted, he from working all day, me from a combination of surgery and a cold from hell and we just weren't up the the concert. But hey, it was Tesla and we aren't too old yet, though we felt like it. We figured we could listen for an hour and head home if we were too tired.


From their opening power chords, we felt as if we had been transported back to 1988. The quality of sound spoke volumes (no pun intended) to the expertise of the sound men and the fact that they rocked without falling into trash mouth and stupidity testified to their class.

I completely abandonded myself to the music and head-banged beyond belief. It was fabulous seeing other people our age rock out. They opened with Coming at You Live and finished with Signs. After throat ripping screaming from the audience, they came out and finished with my personal favorite, Little Suzy's On The Up.

She sure was. This is an original video... couldn't find a live one that had as good of sound quality as they showed last night. Enjoy.


relliott4 said...

Ah, hair bands. My daughter giggles when I rock to these old videos. Now, with Guitar Hero, my kids are starting to love the older tunes.

keri mikulski :) said...

I'm jealous.. Do you watch Rock of Love? It's the best show on tv. :)

Mrs. Annie said...

(shakes head)

Melissa Walker said...

My very first concert was POISON/TESLA!

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Ha! Cool! I know you were feeling good afterwards. :-)

Kristen Painter said...

I don't think I've ever heard of Tesla.