Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have some spyware on my computer and I can't get rid of it. Tried my Panda, tried my Lavasoft Adaware and even downloaded Spybot on a friend's recommendation. I changed my pop up settings, upped my cookies settings, and dumped everything I could think of. Still there.

Please help. Stupid thing not only brings up annoying popups, but hyjacks my google when I do searches.

Any ideas?


Heather Harper said...

Have you tried a Martini?

Do you have a virus protection program like Norton? Maybe call them for help?

Also, have you tried a system restore to a date before the problems began?

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Is it spyware or adware? They're different, and might not be removed by the same apps (for instance, I have "AdAware" along with my other prophylactics on my PC). Comcast offers free McAfee -- does Verizon do something similar?

Unfortunately, if you can't remove it, the next best option is to wipe your system, and I KNOW you don't want to do that! Sorry, hon!!! *:?(

douchrti said...

Its strange that Ad-Aware wont get rid of it if its Spyware, If its a Virus, you could try Avast.
If you're being re-directed in searches, I'd consider another AntiVirus program than the one you're using.
And check your Firewall settings too.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

My fiance works with computers and he recommends Spyware Doctor. It has a five star rating and this is what we use for our computer.

Hope this helps. This is one of the best programs and it really do works.