Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cascading List of Home Repair

We had a leaky sink and it has morphed into gutting the entire bathroom. Let me explain.

Monday, Dh, who is off for a week, decided to fix the minor leak under the bathroom sink. Finds out the pipes from the sink to the wall are rusted through. Discovers the seal on the sink is rusted. Chips the porcelain in trying to get it out. We decided to replace the sink because we have a two sink vanity. Then it just cascaded from there.

*If we replace one sink, we have to replace the other.
*The vanity is ancient and since we're replacing the sink, we might as well replace the vanity.
*If we're going to replace the vanity, we might as well replace the tile, which is also ancient.
*If we replace the tile, we might as well replace the toilet.
*As long as we're at it, let's go ahead and replace the ancient cedar siding the moron before us put in half the bathroom.

So that's why I have bits and pieces of the only bathroom we have in my living room the day before Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll use the vanity for a side bar and put the gravy in the one working sink. GAH!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Amy said...

Dh, who is off for a week,

::bangs head on desk::

Yep, know what that's like.

I shouldn't LOL, but that's how home repairs usually go at our house, too.

Emily said...

Yikes! But think on the bright side, now you have a gorgeous new bathroom to look forward to!

Jaci Burton said...

Omy. But hey, all disasters are book fodder. ;-)

And you'll have a lovely new bathroom when it's done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

Okay, but look at it this way: it's keeping him busy :)

PJ Hoover said...

Sharing my bathroom remodeling woes with you across the internet!