Monday, November 03, 2008

Wild Weekend

From start to finish this was an exhausting weekend. Some parts of it were fantastic, others were horrible. My dh took me out Friday night-- our kids were having a party-- and he wanted to plan the whole thing. He took me to a little Italian place downtown, plied me with wine, bread, Alfredo and tirimiso, then took me out for coffee and to my favorite bookstore. Then we went to that Woody Allen Film, Vicky Christine Barcelona, which was fabulous. Okay, so the everyone going to bed together kind of turned me off, but it was beautifully filmed, well written and genuinely funny.

That date was the highlight.

Saturday morning we had to attend a memorial for our friends twin babies. They were born too soon and couldn't make it. Horrible and sad.

The rest of the weekend was work, work, work. My daughter had a four page final she needed help and encouragement with. And a one page report. And I had an article due. And I wanted to finish a chapter in my WIP. And I had a crit due to a friend.

By last night I felt like I had never been away from the computer and would never get away from the computer again.

This week doesn't look much better. I have two different presentations to write for Wordstock next week. One a twenty minute talk and one hour long workshop.

I have two articles to research for. And a ton of fiction work to do. And I have to get my hair cut before the weekend... provided I can get an appointment with my hair magician.

Does anyone else hate making appointments by phone? Both kids need to go to the dentist. One needs a doctor's appointment. I have to call the school to excuse an absence... I am horrible about that kind of stuff. What is it about making a simple phone call that paralyzes me with procrastination?


Karen Gibson said...

I hate the telephone and avoid it at all costs. It makes no sense and sometimes it causes problems when I procrastinate about making one. I don't even like talking on the phone to friends and relatives!

Amy said...

Not big on the appointments by phone thing: it's the time suck of it all.

PJ Hoover said...

I'm glad the date was fun, and so sorry about the twins.
Wouldn't it be nice to make appointments online?

keri mikulski :) said...

That would be nice, PJ. I'm the same way.. I think because most of the time I'm on hold..

Sorry about the horrible loss. I'm off to a funeral today myself. So sad.

Barrie said...

I'm with you on the phoning-for-an-appt thing. And it drives my family nuts.