Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Quicky

Just a quick blog because, well, I'm procrastinating on diving into the pamphlets and handouts I've gathered to find my parents (and myself) some resources for the challenges they are facing.

Just came off a four day juice fast. Before you pull "disapproving face," I did a lot of research from many different sources before I did it. I'm not stupid, nor do I have any kind of eating disorder, nor do I have the personality to develop an eating disorder. And it was very, very good for me. It showed me how many times a day I think about food even if I'm not really hungry. It showed me the difference between fake hunger(ie. boredom, stress, hormones) and real hunger. It also gave me a very energized, light feeling. As I know from my experience with nicotine addiction, sometimes you just have to stop something cold turkey, so to speak, to get a real handle on it. Of course, food isn't something we can give up forever and I am very glad to be chowing on fruit and vegetables and yogurt, today.

I went running this morning, something I'd abstained from while fasting, and was really shocked to see how far and how long I could run. I thought for sure I'd be a rung out rag after the fast, but no.

It's nice to do something good and healthy for myself with all the rest of the craziness in my life. Usually, I bake up a batch of cookies and eat ten of them when I'm stressed out. Doing what I'm doing seems a lot healthier to me!

Must run, pamphlets await!


Keri Mikulski said...

Good for you! And good luck with your parents. Sending hugs.

Amy said...

Isn't it amazing how often we turn to food for comfort? I realized how much my CHILDREN were doing it and thought, "Now, that's one script from my childhood that is definitely getting a rewrite!"

WTG on the running. So glad it went well!

I started running again last week, and last night, as I was huffing and puffing my way through my 8# holiday weight gain, I thought of you and it kept me going.

TJ Brown said...

YAY, Amy! We'll have to get together for coffee again soon. I want to hear more about your blog and had a couple thoughts I wanted to share:)

Lexi said...

Stick with being healthy! It pays!