Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Economy of Moi

As I was heading to Starbucks this morning, I noticed that another one of my favorite stores had closed it's doors forever. Empty storefronts are becoming more and more common. The beauty shop where both my children got their first haircut, gone. The pet store where we bought our first dog, gone. The ice cream store we used to go to after getting our hair cuts and looking at the puppies in the window... gone.

You get the idea.

I suppose I'm as guilty as anyone in their demise... my children got older and started frequenting salons, we get our dog food at our local grocery store and began buying the cheapest ice cream available instead of splurging on a cone. My family is running scared people. We are watching how and where we spend our money. for us, that means hitting the best sales rather than store loyalty.

The publishing industry has had it's share of ups and downs. Right now, it's in a down. Way, way down. How does this affect me? As my agent goes out with my latest WIP, I hope for the best--editor excitement and an advance that will keep the debts away for another year--but I also prepare for the worst--mass of rejections and the sound of crickets along the information super highway.

But I keep at it. It's what I do.

A great piece on advances can be found in the NY times here.

But no matter how many storefronts are empty in once thriving neighborhoods, I sip my Starbucks, (A business I am personally keeping fiscally solvent) and get ready to open chapter two and write. No matter what the economy or the publishing industry does.


PJ Hoover said...

I hear you on stores closing. Weird and sad. But they are everywhere.

And sending you super positive vibes for you ms! Let the editors (and their bosses) love it!

Lexi said...

That's all you can do, Teri. And your ms? I too am keeping my fingers are my students who every once in a while ask if you've got anything new coming out.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.