Monday, August 15, 2005

Can we say chaos?

Got my desk put together. Got my stuff put away. Felt ready for the day. I wasn't. ACK!

Can we say Chaos? I didn't know wether to do my NW woman work or my bread and butter pay the bills work. I tried to do both... but was highly distracted. Then I had a focus groups luncheon to go to as a NW Woman rep. It was a free lunch, but NO Martinis! Sigh. I think better after a drink or two. At least I think I do;-) Snort. I did have a good time and made a lot of contacts.

Also had coffee with a friend at 7am, found some sources for one of my articles and finished up another one. Unfortunately, I don't seemed to have saved chapter four of my fiction WIP. Piss!

Okay must rush off and find a cool place to hang. And I mean cool as in cold. Don't care about "cool". Hee.