Tuesday, August 30, 2005

four agents

That's the count as now. Four agents want to look at my little unfinished work, On the Edge. Or the first book in the RInk Rats Series. I also have one agent that wants to see it as soon as it is done and edited. That is exciting. Except I am not going to get my hopes up. Been here before. Yes, I write better now and yes, the concept and the idea were perfect...but still. Okay. Maybe just a little up. I wouldn't be human otherwise.

I have a 16 item to do list this week. I got four done. Oops, nope, make that three. Of course one of those things was to finish up chapter 6 and I worked on that quite a bit. And getting out the agent packets took a long time. So hopefully I will finish up some other things today.

But this morning I am going to use one of the new laptops we bought the kids and stay at the rink. Because our gas bill was 300 dollars last month. It's all the back and forth. Sometimes it is five times a day. Stupid. So she either stays all day or I stay until she is done.

Speaking of which. She is behind me throwing a fit to go so I'm off!


Jana J. Hanson said...

Congrats!! You certainly deserve it!!!

Rachel Vincent said...

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to know how you got agents to look at an unfinished project. And what genre you write.

Shannon McKelden said...

Teri, all those requests are a sign of definite progress! Just keep going and DON'T give up, even on those pissy days. :-)

Oh, and great idea about sitting at the rink and writing. Heck, I'm trying to think of all kinds of ways to save gas money! Ick, almost $3.00 a gallon here, and I bet it will be $3 by next week. :-(