Monday, April 30, 2007

Back in the saddle...

Am trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's difficult. We still have the wee ones, but I think the state is going to make a decision about that this week. I am finding it challenging to keep my mind on my writing. Not fiction... I managed to finish the revisions on my YA proposal last week, so both DASH and LIPS are out. YAY! But non fiction is another story and since that's where the money comes from... You get the picture! Am having trouble with a source, but can't move ahead without them. Need to get to work on my other articles as well. My editors have been more than patient and I need to reward them back by getting this stuff done.

Which brings me to the next challenge. I've been very dissatisfied with my writing as of late. My nonfiction is boring and my fiction lacks depth. I am thinking both these things stem from the same writing weakness. My lack of patience. I write my nonfiction like newspaper stories... I get in fast and get out. There is to it. This is troubling me. I feel my fiction is the same way. It just feels like it is lacking...something. Without nuances perhaps. And my lack of grammatical knowledge is really concerning me. I have always been one to spout developing an "ear" but lately, I have wanted to understand they whys and wherefores.

I really don't have a lot of time to worry about this right now, but would like to get some ideas on how I can change it. How can I, at 42, pack a whole bunch more knowledge into my lazy little brain?

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Kerry Blaisdell said...

The brain is like Love: the more you use it, the bigger it grows. I've read your fiction, and I don't believe it lacks as much depth as you think. It's frustrating, I know, but I truly believe the only way to develop your voice is to just keep writing-writing-writing. Read your work out loud -- the way you talk is the way you write, and if it feels awkward when you actually hear it, it might help you figure out how to fix it. (BTW, I hate reading my stuff out loud! I'm lazy and I don't want to do it, but if I'm really stuck, it actually does help, drat it all. ;?))

There's also the highlighter method. And, if you get the chance, taking Margie Lawson's online workshop on adding depth might really work for you.

But like I said, I don't think it's as blah as you think it is. :?)