Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bizarre, the Horrid and the Good

The Bizarre:

1. Did you know that yardwork burns more calories than sex? Does that mean we can tell our hubbies, "Sorry, dear, I'd rather mow the lawn?"

2. The thought process of teenagers. Nuff said.

The Good:

1. I got another great book review! You can check it out here at And Another Book Read.

The Horrid:

1. Have you seen this story? A father keeps his daughter locked up for over 20 years and fathers her seven children. He had been molesting her since she was eleven and when she was eighteen locked her up in a 645 sq foot room hidden in the celler. He took three of her children for his wife to raise, saying their daughter had joined a cult and didn't want them. The other three, ages, 19, 18 and 5, have never seen the sunlight. I am horrified. And people said Flowers in the Attic was unrealistic. This is possibly the most horrific thing I have ever heard of.


keri mikulski :) said...

I heard about that on Howard Stern yesterday. Horrible!

Congrats regarding the review!

PJ Hoover said...

Do not read the news.

And I will use the yardwork fact next time my hubby mentions needing to drop a few lbs.

Congrats on the great review!

Heather Harper said...

THe real kicker is that he can only get up to 15 years for his crime, yet he had her imprisoned in their basement for 24 years.

Mrs. Annie said...

The damage done to that woman and those children is beyond horrific.

Now can I read your book?

(massive eye-roll)

Barrie said...

That is really a horrible story. I wish I hadn't read it so late at night. :(

But....great review for Read My Lips!