Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Totally Random Shite about Me

Yeah, couldn't think of anything to blog about so....

1. I was a Bluebird in first grade. I think Bluebirds are part of campfire girls instead of girlscouts. I loved being a bluebird.

2.I once got lost in the woods with six other girls. We were on our horses and decided to bunker down for the night cause we couldn't find our way out. Started a fire, etc. But some of the "new" girls were freaking out about their parents and we had to leave. We walked our horses out and ended up about 15 miles from where we were supposed to be. I thought it was a blast. I was fifteen.

3.My first crush happened in kindergarten. His name was Gerald and I crushed on him for like three or four days till I got up the nerve to get close to him and realized he smelled... bad. I'm not sure he was completely potty trained.

4. My kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. James and she was beautiful. I loved her in the way you love your beautiful kindergarten teacher. In other words, I would have walked over coals for her. Then I read my report card several years later and she had written, "Teri is a little bit too involved with Teri." I was crushed. I was an only child for crying out loud. Here I thought she loved me. Sniffle.

5. That's okay. My first grade teacher was so lovely, she whooped all over my kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Kitchen was smart and blond and ... left handed. So though I'm right handed I make all my letters the way a lefthanded person does. My handwriting pretty much sucks.


Heather Harper said...

I was a bluebird, too! And I loved my outfit. :-)

Amy Addison said...

I was a Brownie...Girl Scouts, not Campfire Girls. I hated camp. The year the spider crawled out of my hairbrush one morning pretty much turned me off camping FOREVER.

PJ Hoover said...

Teri, you crack me up! Thanks for the smile.

Anonymous said...

I also was a bluebird -

I loved the first crush story - that was funny

Kat (Mrs. Annie's other friend ;)