Monday, April 07, 2008

I Have the Plague

I'm sure of it.

Other people might say it's just a cold coming after the bloody nose week from hell and that is why I feel so bad...but I know better.

I do like, two things and have to sit down all out of breath like an octogenarian. As soon as I knew it was the plague, I called my husband at work.

Me: Honey, prepare yourself. I have the plague.
Him: The bubonic kind or more general?
Me: Whatever kind. The plague is the plague and I have it. It's sucking my will to live.
Him: Oh, you mean like those salt suckers from Star Trek that leave the sucker marks on your face?
Me: Yeah, just like that.
Him: I'm sorry. What bit you?
Me: What?
Him: You get the plague from fleas on rats, so I'm wondering what bit you. (Laughter)
Me: Your face!

I hang up and call my best friend.

Me: I have the plague.
Her: What bit you?

What is it with the bit you crap? I have the plague, damn it! The plague!


PJ Hoover said...

Do you really?

Amy Addison said...

Notes from a survivior of "The Really Bad One Going Around Right Now and Why Do You Have It and Not Your Kids?"

I'm pretty sure it's not the plague.

But hugs, because TRBOGARN is no fun either. Hope you feel better soon.

Mrs. Annie said...

Okay, so what you're saying her is that the Big AB and I have the same sense of humor...

Nough said

Are we still friends? I have cookies?

Mrs. Annie said...

I meant to say, "here"

Lexi said...

(giggle, giggle) Feel better soon, Teri! (giggle, giggle)

Barrie said...

Well, I just have a cold. So, I really feel for you. Because the plague is much, much worse.

Mind you, this cold is zapping. And I could use some serious sympathy. Of which I'm getting none!

Get better, Teri!

Karen said...

Ah, may you have a full recovery. Meanwhile, hopefully your family will step in and pamper you while you're suffering. :)