Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Daily Lists or Why Teri Wants to Plead Insanity

My husband does laundry. This is both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because, well, who in their right mind would want to do laundry (and with that statement, I'm saying a lot...) A curse, because when other women from work hear he does laundry, their hearts melt a little bit and they look at my sweet unassuming husband like he's God. "You do laundry?" they say. "Yes," my husband replies looking at the floor modestly.

He's not modest and he's not God. You'll just have to trust me. Annie can verify.

So I keep lists. For my husband, lists, (with everything crossed out) are the language of love. Nothing says I love you like a blister or a slipped disk from hard labor.

I don't just keep one list, I keep several. First, is my articles due list so I don't forget my deadlines. (Because even though a crossed out list means love, money covers a multitude of sins and lists undone can be overlooked in favor of a hot sweet writing check) My basic articles due list is a printed out 4x4 piece of paper with the article name and the due date on it. I also have a tracking list where I track invoices out, monies in and all that other happy hoohah.

Then I have my daily master list where I jot down almost everything I have to do that day, both work and home.
Today's list
Write Cereal Article
Straighten house (which includes vacuming,
picking up, making bed, and swabbing down
kitchen and bathroom)
Work on Laguna
Plan dinner
Write press release
Make dinner
Kids to school
Pick up kids
Make Granola
Make Banana Bread
Send articles due to editor

Usually, I don't try to make banana bread and granola in the same day, but my dh just came up and asked, because, you know, I don't have ANYTHYING ELSE TO DO!

Then I have my revolving work list. I make it out everyday to keep me focused.

Todays list of six for work: write article, write press release, work on Myspace PR Polish and send articles to editor and finish Laguna and send to agent.

What I don't get done today on the list will go on tomorrow's.

So tune in tomorrow to find out the answers to the burning questions... Can Teri's creativity thrive in such madness or will she snap? Will her list loving husband be found passed out next to the washing machine, high on the combined fumes of Borax and Tide? Or was it foul play?

These are the Lists of Our Lives


Mrs. Annie said...

Hmm no time for a walk today I'm guessing!

Amy Addison said...

Mrs. Annie: With that list, she doesn't need a walk, she needs a NAP! ;)

My husband isn't allowed to do laundry. Long story about my favorite sweater being able to fit my newborn when he got done with the laundry one day...

PJ Hoover said...

I try to do one "cleaning" thing each day. Today? I get to scrub the toilets.

keri mikulski :) said...

My hubby cooks, but no laundry.. I think he shrinks things purposely so I won't ask him to do it.. Just like I burn things so I don't have to cook. :)