Thursday, August 28, 2008

Writings Other Stuff

With both of my proposals in, I have been working on writing's other stuff, you know the stuff that may or may not bring in an income, but you do it anyway?

For instance, I'll be the class of 2k8 blog Mom for the month of September. Huge job and I am trying to get a lot of it in place now. Which reminds me, I am not doing that great of a job preparing and I had better get my butt in gear! I'm such a slacker!This doesn't pay, but it probably does in the long run, if that makes any sense... it's marketing and therefore important.

I am also putting together a brochure for school visits and working on the workshops. The amazing Stacy Nykios put together a comprehensive class for us 2k8ers on setting up and doing school visits. I have been going over the materials as I work and let me tell you, the woman is a genius. I also have to put together the info for a web page. This doesn't pay at the moment, it might end up paying well and something I want to do.

I am also working on two different presentations. One I'm doing with fellow class of 2k8ers for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Conference and the other one is for Wordstock. (take a moment for a fan girl squee here because it is by invitation only and I was SO invited!) Neither of these two activities pays, but both are incredibly important when it comes to promoting your books and yourself.

The writing isn't completely gone though. I have several ideas, percolating just below the surface, and my son and I sill want to work together on a book, so that is an option, too. Sometimes not writing can be just as creative a time as writing as long as you really are between projects and not just avoiding them! I try to write down what ideas come to me-- the good ones as well as the ones that seem a bit far fetched.

I figure with everything else that is going on in my life right now, a breather is good for me. LOL If you can call my to do list a breather!


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks for the reminder on the class on school visits! I'm working on this next month and totally forgot about that!

Amy said...

Sounds like your pot is all a-simmer with stuff to do. But good stuff, even though it isn't a "paycheck" per se.

Eventually, all that work will pay off in a very good way

(super squee here for the WordStock invitation!)

Lexi said...

Um, no, your to-do list is NOT a breather. As for not writing, sometimes that is necessary. Good luck with everything!

Emily said...

Teri, as a 5th grade teacher and wannabe YA writer, I would be very interested in learning more about your school visits when you get things up and going. I teach in a very small school, we have never had an author visit, and I think my kids would love, love, love meeting and learning from someone who does for a living what they are asked to do in class. Let me know when you get things going!