Friday, August 29, 2008

I Did It!

When I started exercising and working out last April 21st, I had a dream. Okay, I had several. I wanted to lose 40 pounds before nationals, I wanted to wear cute clothes again and I wanted to run a 5k.

I didn't quite make 40 pounds before nationals, but I did make 35. Yesterday, I went to Nordies and tried on cute clothes. I didn't buy anything... still paying off nationals, but I can wear cute clothes. (Even though I almost always get a size to big for me! I still can't believe my size!)

And yesterday I ran three miles, which I believe, is almost a 5k. Let me repeat that... THREE MILES! No stopping. No pausing. No walking. Just running. Three miles.


That pretty much made my day. Whatever I did and wherever I went, I said to myself, "I ran three miles."

I am strong. I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to. Damn that's a good feeling. I really love being over 40.

Today I go an see an academic advisor. I am strong. I can do anything. (VBG)


Carrie Harris said...

So how did you do it? Because exercise is the thing that always falls off the bottom of the list for me in favor of children and writing and trying to get the yucky stuff off the bathroom porcelain. I'm incredibly impressed! Will you be my trainer? :)

Barrie said...

Wow, Teri! You are incredible!

PJ Hoover said...

I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE, TERI! It's inspirational! Makes me feel like going out for a run!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Teri! :)

Lexi said...

Woohoo! Te-ri! Te-ri! Te-ri!

Sara Hantz said...

Wow, Teri!!! That's awesome, you must feel so proud. HUGE HUGE congrats!!!