Friday, October 31, 2008

Surprising Things

Things that surprise me:

1. Shopping for Toothpaste. Shopping for for teethcleaner ain't what it used to be. My dh told me at the store last night to run over and grab some toothpaste. Fifteen minutes later, I'm still there staring in shock at the dizzying array of choices. Anti-plaque, whitening, sensitive gums, floride, and any combination thereof. Then there are FLAVORS. Bubble gum mint, vanilla mint creme... that's just wrong. Whatever happened to just cleaning your teeth?

2.How Much I Love the Kids I Work With. I had no idea when I began working there just how much those little heathens would get under my skin. My mind is always abuzz with different plans on how I can help, or what would be good for them. Stay tuned.

3. How Generous People Are. I have had some wonderful donations of books from some very awesome people. You know who you are.

4. How Much I Love Writing. Can you tell it's going good right now? And I realized that the girls (Jennifer Cruisie's description of her muses) are always working. A couple weeks ago, I discovered a theme in my WIP-- that everyone is playing a part. The main characters, the people they meet on the road, even the animals. Nothing is what it seems. The girls were working and I didn't even know it. Turns out I'm deeper than I thought I was.


PJ Hoover said...

You've got some great things going on!
I go for generic (not made in China) toothpaste with Tarter control.

Amy said...

Turns out I'm deeper than I thought I was.


As far as the whole tooth-cleaning thing: We use a baking-soda based product called Eco-Dent. Or just plain baking soda will work, too.

keri mikulski :) said...

What a happy post, Teri. I love it. :) Have a great weekend..

BTW, How can I donate a book? Did I miss something? ;) I'll be meeting with my publisher next weekend..