Friday, May 22, 2009

Communication Texting Style

Being a batshit crazy American family with absolutely no time to breathe, let alone eat dinner together, my husband, two teens and I have resorted to communicating by text. Some of my texts:

Son: Two famous donuts meet in the bar and have coffee together.
Me: What???
Son: Exactly.

Daughter: Old Navy is having a huge sale on flip flops! A dollar each!
Me: No money, Honey. Buy them yourself.
Daughter: Shoot me. I can't even afford a pair of flip flops at OLD NAVY!Remember when we used to go to Nordies and Hollister?
Me: Those days are gone. U a big girl now.
Daughter: Being a grown up sucks.
Me: You have no idea.

Hubby: You at Kaiser?
Me: Yeah. Boob squish appointment.
Hubby: Oooh. Sexy. What are you wearing?
Me: Old bra turned gray from too many washings, holey underwear, limp tee shirt and jeans. You?
Hubby: Same thing.

A few minutes later: Minus the bra.

Well, Thank God for that.


Shawn said...

Love it!!
My daughter is queen of texting, just not to her parents. Unless she wants to do something and does not wish to have the discussion that may follow asking permission.

Kid: Going to Lori's. Love you, bye.
Me: Why?

Somehow she did not here the message sound on her phone to answer back.


Keri Mikulski said...

Love it!! And love the ON flip flop sale. :)

Karen said...

Nothing funnier than real life with our families!