Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wonder

1. I wonder: why my 19 year-old-son has yet to master the art of turning anything off. You would think a boy who can beat Call of Duty could figure out how to turn off the TV or the stereo or the stove. But no.

2. I wonder: why my daughter keeps a planner more religiously than anyone I have ever known and yet still misses appointments.

3. I wonder: why editor time is not the same as writer time. It's the same for a deli worker and a customer, A dockworker and a ship, even a doctor and a patient. But some magical space/time continuum happens between a writer and an editor that keeps their times wildly different.

4.I wonder: why dogs are only potty trained in the summer and not in the winter.

I wonder: why, if my husband has asked the same question for twenty years "what's for dinner?" and I keep giving the same answer, "I dunno" why he keeps asking. Like I'm magically going to start planning dinner before dinnertime?


Annie said...

That time thing is Quantum Physics baby...the closer you get to a source of power the slower time moves (although the new theory states just the opposit).

The big AB will never change. Never. If he did, the entire universe would spiral out of control. Just ask him. He'll tell ya it's true.

Linda Sherwood said...

Oh you could have been eavesdropping at MY house for that last one....