Monday, November 21, 2005

Another Big R

An R on a Sunday?

I guess so. Amazingly enough, I wasn't upset. And it was an agent I really wanted too!

But I finally was into Colorless when it came. The chapter was rolling along well except I didn't have a chapter hook. And then when it did... it was so unexpected and so fantastic! I couldn't believe it. It added new depth and an unexpected twist to the story. I am going to go over the chapter a few times before handing it over to my cps to rip up, but right now, I'm pretty happy with it. Very, very excited.

So the rough of chapter one is fini. I am really and truly started. And that agent is going to be regretful that she didn't sign me when she had a chance;-)


Rachel Vincent said...

That's the right attitude, TJ! I absolutely love it when I'm excited about what I'm writing. It goes so fast that way.

Sorry about the rejection on a weekend. I got one of those a couple of months ago, less than 24 hours after I sent the partial. But at least you're taking it well. I cried. That was my first. Now I feel seasoned. Funny how fast that happens, huh?

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Wow. You have such a fabulous attitude! I need a lesson or two. ;)

Sorry about the R, but I'm thrilled the new book is cooking. Can't wait to see your name in print. :)

Anonymous said...

(((Teri))) on the R but yay that you're happy with the chapter.

Christine Keach said...

Yes,show that crazy agent what she's missing! Good luck with the latest story and all the places it's going to take you.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. film editing classes