Monday, November 28, 2005

The Call

So what does the call feel like?

Cause I am ready to find out. My friends are getting the call. So exciting. Several have been signed in the last week. I'm still waiting. Always on the verge of something. Just enough to keep me going. Keep me writing and hoping.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had kept writing YA when I started to six, almost seven years ago. My first novel was a YA. It pretty much sucked. And I went with what I could to make money. So now I am making money, but I am behind the eightball as far as my fiction career is going. How come I always feel behind? Like everything good will be done by the time I am ready for it. I feel like all the agents are going to shut their gates just before I get there. Or that all the big publishing houses are going to fold before I even get an agent.

Then there is the other fear. The one that haunts all writers at one time or another. What if I am just not that good?


Rachel Vincent said...

Okay, TJ, I haven't read any of your fiction, but I read your blog religiously. You CAN write. You know you can. You wouldn't do it for a living if you weren't any good. I know fiction and non-fiction are different, but to be successful at either, you have to have talent and drive. You have both.

The only thing I can say about getting an agent is not to give up. I sent out twenty queries. The one I sent to my agent was #19. If I'd stopped at 18, I wouldn't have caught her attention. So don't quit. You're doing it right. You're getting too many requests not to be.

I WILL buy your book one of these days! And you WILL sign it for me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rachel said it best. Keep going, Teri :) Your time will come and just think of how good it will feel when it does!

Robin Caroll said...

TJ, I think EVERY writer feels this way at one time or another. Just keep on keeping's just finding the ONE who will fall in love with your story and have the passion to push it! Best of luck!

Jaci Burton said...

Teri, I've been in your shoes, with all my writing friends either getting agents or selling to NY, and wondering what I was doing wrong.

The answer? Nothing. It just wasn't my time yet. Then I just happened to hit the agent and the sale in a short period of time when I least expected either to happen.

It'll happen for you. Believe in it. Your fears are normal and they happen to all of us. :-)

Jill Monroe said...

Actually, I think that fear that you're not good enough is a good thing - it keeps me always wanting to be a better writer. Use that fear to your advantage ; )

I can't wait for you to find out about getting THE CALL - and I know you will.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Right there with you, Teri. It'll happen when it happens.

Have faith.

Anonymous said...

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