Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm not dead

Sorry to have disappeared for so long. I spent most of last week getting ready for son's sixteenth birthday bash in Seattle and then yesterday and today recovering. had much fun, the seahawks won and we got to do the whole Pikes Street market thing. Too cool.

Today, I had a gazillion and one things to do including articles on this that and the other. I also got a request for a full from an agent I would love to have, who had actually read the proposal and liked it enough to want more:) That, my friends, feels good. I am hoping to have an agent by the holidays:) Also got another request for a partial.

Now to get my GH entry ready to go. I have been working on it and have tried to help my CP's get there's ready to go as well. We agreed that next year we would start earlier... not that any of us will be eligible next year cause we will all be published authors and all! Hee.

Tomorrow I have tons more nonfiction work to do. Am going to try to get to some blogs before I hop off to watch TV and head to bed.


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm glad the part went well, and congratulations on the request. I hope you get the agent of your dreams. And soon, so you can tell us all who it is.

I've been off-line a lot lately too, but not by choice. I'm duking it out with McAfee over my opinion that since I paid for their product, I should get to use it. Or speak to a customer service agent. Or get my money back. They disagree on all counts.

Rachel Vincent said...

Oops. That should be "party," not "part."